Pediatric Occupational and Behavioral Therapy

Utilizing play to teach functional independence

At Seacoast Keystone Therapy our goal is to provide effective, comprehensive intervention services in a collaborative and family-centered way to help our clients build strong foundation skills.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Deb. Our son looked forward to each visit with her. Her creative activities were designed to be fun, so he never realized he was doing work. The improvement was dramatic in a short time, and we were impressed by the results. We believe Deb helped our son get caught up and ready for the demands of all-day kindergarten. We are truly grateful for the chance to have worked with Deb, and we highly recommend her.
Chris and Jess Hunt
I learned quickly to trust Deb and her instincts when working with my daughters. The instincts Deb draws upon are based on years of experience and training. Deb is incredibly committed to problem solving based on meeting each child where they are at and figuring out how to move forward with them.
Deb Jurkoic
Deb is a kind and encouraging Occupational Therapist that meets clients where they are. She understands that progress is unique to each individual and is able to gently push her clients toward their potential. She is incredibly empathetic and develops relationships with her clients based on trust and success. This relationship allows her to help clients explore boundaries and overcome obstacles.
Jessica Tilley